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Our company is a leading mobile game developer and publisher specializing in the captivating world of puzzle games. With a passion for innovative gameplay, we strive to deliver unique and addictive experiences that challenge and entertain players of all skill levels.

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User Testimonials

I love the game, it is very challenging for me. I wish there’s an option to pay so I can start the next level right away. Other than that it’s great game.

I love this game and I play it all the time. It's super rewarding, the daily challenges are fun to keep up with, and there are not too many ads.

I’ve been playing this since December last year to now continuing, and even though it has its ads it has fun themes, great strategies for each puzzle.
Jayden Payne

I absolutely LOVE this game!!! I’ll sometimes be getting in trouble for playing it so much! Not much ads like other games, it also challenges your mind! It’s really fun!!!
Frank G

I have coloring for about 3 years now!! I have a lot of medical problems so I get stressed out very easily!! I find that when I color on the apps I have the stress is more manageable!!
Wren Moody

I really like this game. It’s uncommon for me to like a game of this style too, but it really is one of those mindless, relaxing, play it when you can, fun games.
Alanna Hanson